Testimonial Tuesday

A photo is worth a thousand words, but hearing about Project UNIFY from those participating really helps tell the story. That’s why we’re introducing a feature called Testimonial Tuesday! On select Tuesdays, we’ll be sharing the experiences of students – both with intellectual disabilities and their non-disabled peers – to help you get to know more about Project UNIFY.

Today’s testimonials come to us by way of Los Cerros Middle School in Danville.

“My favorite thing was the bowling. You were able to really interact with the Special Olympics athletes, and see they’re no different than us. They carry on conversations just like us and show their happiness and excitement when they win. It truly was a life-changing experience as much as it was for them for me.”

-Sierra, sixth grade

“I went to the bowling and basketball this school year. I was a timer and score keeper. At the basketball event I liked how even though they are special athletes, they can play and participate. It is also a competition between the volunteers as we cheered on the team we kept track of we supported!”

-Hayden, eighth grade


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