Now and Then

At last year’s inaugural Bay Area Games, we got to know some amazing athletes. You may have even seen them on some of our posters at some of our events or on our website! At this year’s Bay Area Games, our staff was excited and inspired to see how those athletes have grown in a year’s time. They may be a year older and a little taller, but, more importantly, the smiles are still there! Thanks to the powers of the internet, we’ve got a little now and then photo montage for you!

Can’t you just feel how the wind feels in this girl’s hair?

girl 2012

girl 2013

Nothing like the pure and simple joy of sport!

Night 2012

Night 2013

This San Francisco student-athlete had the best hair then and now!

Sunset 2012

Sunset 2013

The determination is still there and still just as inspiring!

boy 2012

boy 2013

To see if you can find more now and then photos, check out the galleries from the 2012 Bay Area Games and the 2013 Bay Area Games!


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