Testimonial Tuesday

This week’s testaments to the Schools Partnership Program come to us from San Mateo County. These young general education students participated in a Super Sports Day, which paired the students with their special education peers on different sports stations. The general education students’ thoughts on the day are classic elementary school writing yet highly indicative of the power of participating in Project UNIFY.

“Sports Day was a lot of fun. My station was bowling. It was cool because I met a lot of people who looked normal but were different or the other way around. The thing that I didn’t like, though, was that it didn’t go on forever. I wish I could do it next year!”


“I thought the event was great! I love special ed kids and that was what super sports day was all about! I thought it was so cool because my buddy just did everything, and didn’t hesitate.”


“What I thought about the event was that there were so many kids there with special needs that I was to help. My job was so fun because I got to help Carlos throw a softball really far. What I learned was that a lot of those kids can do stuff that I didn’t think they could.”


“The Super Sports Day was fun. I noticed how special kids are cool and good at sports even though they can’t control their body a lot. Going outside to play with them felt great.”


Editor’s Note: Our thoughts and prayers are with our Special Olympics Oklahoma family. If you would like to help those affected by the tornadoes in Oklahoma, please visit RedCross.org.


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