Smiles Abound at Liberty High School Track Meet

Our Schools Partnership Program offers sports training in three sports – soccer in the fall, basketball in the winter followed by track and field in the spring. After weeks of training, the students are now competing at track meets all over Northern California. On Friday, Liberty High School in Brentwood hosted a track meet. It was great to see so many athletes – who ranged in age from elementary school to high school – competing in the warm sunshine. Some of the athletes were all smiles and just happy to be there and some of them approached the events as if they were Usain Bolt competing for a gold medal at the London Olympics. Seeing the determination and joy in all the athletes is what makes events like these absolutely uplifting. In a true testament to Project UNIFY, the non-disabled student peers who were volunteering had even bigger smiles than the athletes.

We caught up with a teacher at Liberty High School whose students were competing. Check out the interview below to hear her thoughts on why the Schools Partnership Program is a very welcome addition to her classroom.


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