One Proud Parent

In our last post, we shared this video about Dublin High School’s Robotics Club and their involvement with our Schools Partnership Program. If you haven’t seen the video, you can check it out here.

These students built a robot that would shoot soccer balls so our student-athletes with limited mobility would be able to participate. Absolutely amazing.

SONC: Dublin Soccer Tournament

You can read more about the club’s creation in their own words here.

A mother of one of the non-disabled peers who helped build the robot wrote this letter, that she shared with her local school board.

SONC: Dublin Soccer Tournament

You can just hear the pride in her voice as she speaks about her son and his club’s accomplishments. You can read the letter in its entirety by clicking here, but these are my favorite snippets:

[My son] said that to build something that could help children have a special day meant so much more to him than working to win a Robotics competition.

 A number of the parents of the children attending the event told me how much it meant to them that the Robotics team would work so hard for their children.  Many had tears in their eyes as they watched their kids have fun with the robots.

Often the news surrounding our schools is negative.  I wanted to be able to share with you something so encouraging.  The effort that it took Mr. Hamilton and all those involved with the Special Olympics to organize, transport and encourage the children was amazing.  I watched as Mr. Hamilton made special effort to protect each child’s dignity and make them feel special.

SONC: Dublin Soccer Tournament

Thank you to the teachers and Robotics Club at Dublin High for making this a reality and to the mother for sharing her letter!


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