Throwback Thursday

In March, Monte Vista High School hosted a basketball tournament for some of our Schools Partnership Program student-athletes. While this was the sixth year MVHS was hosting a basketball tournament, it was unlike any previous basketball tournament there.

Normally planned by special education teachers, this year’s tournament was spearheaded by students who started the Friends of Special Olympics Club after working with Special Olympics Northern California when they matriculated at Los Cerros Middle School. Under the guidance of their teachers Mrs. Hamilton, Ms. Brix and Ms. Flack, these students took complete ownership of the tournament. They organized a superb Opening Ceremonies – complete with the marching band, cheerleaders, and a wonderful rendition of the national anthem done by another club.

The result? Overwhelming support from the non-disabled student population.

Tons of students came to cheer on the student-athletes. Not only was the gym completely full throughout the day, but at certain points, students had to sit on the ground because the bleachers were packed! Here’s a photo of what the gym looked like:

Monte Vista gym

Two of the girls in the Friends of Special Olympics Club came up to me, nearly in tears because they were so thrilled with how full the gym had become and how many people were cheering for Special Olympics. They were so proud, and absolutely deserved to relish the fruits of their labor.

Talk about absolute whole-school involvement! Way to go, Monte Vista High School!


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