A Lesson Plan To Change Your School

Teachers create lessons plans all the time. But a special education teacher, Ms. Flack, at Monte Vista High School created a very unique one. Her lesson plan aimed to improve an entire school.

Before the national Spread the Word to the End the Word Day this past March, Ms. Flack created this lesson plan that was given to all the teachers to administer during the school’s advisory (or homeroom) period.

Each classroom at the school had discussions about times the students had used the r-word themselves or heard it said. Videos like this one and this one were shown to help illustrate how the r-word is extremely hurtful.

The school carried out the lesson plan before Monte Vista hosted the annual Special Olympics basketball competition at their school. When game day arrived, you could really see the awareness and respect for the event that the students had – thanks in no small part to the lesson plan!

You can view the entire lesson plan by clicking here. What a great use of classroom time!


3 thoughts on “A Lesson Plan To Change Your School

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