Guess Who’s Joining the Family!?

Our family is getting bigger! We’re growing by almost 5,000 new family members!

We at Special Olympics Northern California are oh so pleased to announce the exciting addition of the Fremont, Newark and New Haven school districts to our Schools Partnership Program! Special education students in those three districts make up the Mission Valley Special Education Local Area Plan – aka Mission Valley SELPA – and those student-athletes will get to experience the joy of competing in sports with Special Olympics at their schools this fall!

Through the Schools Partnership Program, over 4,600 special education students receive training and compete in three sports – soccer, basketball and track & field – during the school day. Additionally, general education students get the opportunity to interact with their special education peers with sports as a common vehicle.

Did you play sports growing up?

For many of the intellectually disabled students in Mission Valley, this will the first time they have played sports. Many of them have never scored a goal or heard their parents cheer them on from the sidelines or brought home a ribbon for winning a race. By participating in the Schools Partnership Program, these special education student-athletes will get all of that and then some.

They’ll get to kick the soccer ball around, shoot a basketball or be wheeled down the track. They’ll get to feel elated when they hear their parents and classmates cheering and hold that Special Olympics ribbon in their hands. The confidence the student-athletes gain in Special Olympics and the Schools Partnership Program transcends  the playing field to better the classroom and their lives.

To learn more about the Schools Partnership Program, please click here.

What They’re Saying

“We’re thrilled to welcome Mission Valley SELPA to our Schools Partnership Program family. Our Schools Partnership Program is all about educating and training for life through sports, and we’re looking forward to bringing the spirit of Special Olympics to both general and special education students in Mission Valley.”

– Special Olympics Vice President Cathy Domanski-DeVries

 “We are thankful for the opportunity of partnering with Special Olympics Northern California to bring this exciting event to Mission Valley SELPA. This is an exciting chance for our students to physically participate in a number of events that typically aren’t readily available to them. It’s also an opportunity to bring ability awareness to our general education population and provide a common ground as we work together in this endeavor.”

– Mission Valley SELPA director Judith Cameron

What’s a SELPA?

In the state of California, SELPAs are small groups of school districts that combine as one unit to share resources for special education purposes. Mission Valley is the second SELPA to link with the Schools Partnership Program after the Tri-Valley SELPA – Dublin, Pleasanton and Livermore school districts – signed with Special Olympics last year.

Welcome to our family, Mission Valley SELPA!


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