Back-to-School Tips for Success

With the stores stocked with school supplies and teachers reporting for duty, there’s no mistaking the tell-tale signs of a new school year! We pulled some of our expert Special Olympics Northern California staff members – who also happen to be seasoned students and/or parents of students – for some helpful suggestions as everyone heads back to school! Comment with your tips to share with the group!

Routine, Routine, Routine

In the weeks before school starts, slowly change later summer bedtimes to mirror the earlier school year times. Same goes for wake-up calls. If you ease yourself or your kids into the adjusted sleep schedules, that 7:45 a.m. school bell will be easier to handle.

Turn Off That TV

Limit your or your kid’s TV/computer/iPad time in the evening, and especially before bed. Setting an allotment for nighttime TV time can help prepare you or your students to set aside time for studying. As a good rule of thumb, avoid the bright lights of TV and iPhones an hour before bed.

Get Involved

Ask your teacher about how you can get involved with the Special Olympics Northern California Schools Partnership Program!

Nighttime Planning Prevents Morning Tantrums

Plan your outfits – or help your kids pick out clothes – the night before. When the clothes are laid out, they’re less likely to dawdle while getting ready. You can also pack your lunch the night before to save time in the a.m., which also leads us to…

Plan for Stomach Success

Set some time aside to do some meal planning – breakfast, school lunches, after-school snacks and dinner. Putting together a schedule and doing some simple food prep will save you time, heartache and some green! Some great bloggers have made it easy with links like these:

Lunch ideas from The Taylor House

100 Days of Real Food has multiple entries with tons of healthy ideas – one, two, three and four

Childhood 101 has ideas for those who don’t like sandwiches

Superheroes and Teacups has all those links and more here

Lunchbox Lovin’

One staff member reports that she leaves her five-year-olds notes in their lunchboxes to help with first-week anxiety. This doesn’t always work with the middle school crowd, but snail mail notes and care packages are definitely appreciated with the college kids!

Practice Makes Perfect

If you’re a parent, accompany your kids on a dry run of getting to and from school. Walk or ride bikes with them so the kids will be familiar with the routine. If you’re in junior high, high school or college – locate all your classes before school actually starts. Knowing where your third period or 8 a.m. lecture hall across campus is before you’re five minutes late on the first day of school because you’re lost will make everything better.

A Clean House Is a Happy House

Before school starts, see that your kids clean their rooms, or if you’re a student, clean your room and your desk. Doing laundry before school starts is another surefire way to help things go smoothly in the morning. Having a designated and clean place for you or your kids to do their homework is a great way to kick off a school year of straight A’s!

Hope these help! Don’t forget to comment with your tips to share with the group!

P.S. Happy College Colors Day from the Special Olympics Northern California office!



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