Special Needs in the News

It is always a joy to see special needs topics garnering positive traction in the news. This week was particularly progressive with these three stories:

1.       The Royal Couple breaks Down boundaries

Like many others, I just adore Prince William and Kate Middleton. They can do no wrong, and one of their recent moves is making waves all over the world – in the best kind of way! While the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge typically don’t accept public gifts, they recently welcomed a painting crafted by an artist with Down syndrome. The mother of the artist hopes Will and Kate’s receiving of the painting will ameliorate some of the disgrace in the U.K. about Down syndrome. See the painting and the artist in action here!

2.       Study shows interaction between people with disabilities and non-disabled peers can lead to compassion and understanding

Researchers in England studied 1,520 children – aged seven to 16 – about their feelings on people with disabilities. Their findings demonstrated that those who had direct contact with people with disabilities were less anxious about them and in many cases, led to empathy and acceptance. Read about the study here and here.

We believe this study is further  evidence (that’s scientific to boot!) of why whole-school involvement is so important in our schools.  Whole-school involvement unifies disabled and non-disabled student populations through the common denominator of sports.

whole-school involvement

You can read about why whole-school involvement is needed, what it does and how it affects students without disabilities by clicking here.

3.       ESPN and Special Olympics partner

ESPN (and its parent company, the Walt Disney World Company) are partnering with Special Olympics on a global basis to bring increased awareness and participation to Special Olympics Unified Sports!

ESPN photo

Our partnership will inspire sports fans everywhere to come out and play their favorite sports while also making a difference in their community! Read more about the partnership in the official press release here and a shorter version here.


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