Take the Schools Partnership Program Quiz (Part II)

We’re back! How did everyone do in part one of our Schools Partnership Quiz? Try your hand at this second round of questions!

1.  Since it’s through Special Olympics, only special education students can participate in the Schools Partnership Program

Myth! One of the major components of the Schools Partnership Program is whole-school involvement, which brings special education students and their non-disabled peers together. Non-disabled – or general education students – can serve as volunteers, fans in the stands or peer partners at Schools Partnership sports competition. Whole-school involvement not only improves school campuses but also entire communities, thanks to the respect for all kinds of people that whole-school involvement generates. To read more about whole-school involvement, please click here.

2.  Since the SPP takes place in school, the students don’t have any fun

Myth! It’s fun for everyone! Just check out the smiles on the faces at Bay Area Games in this post and this post! Many of the student-athletes say things like this after competitions – this is the best day of my life. For many of the student-athletes, this is the first time they’ve gotten to play sports. Do you remember the first time you played sports and how fun that was?!

3.  Students participating in the SPP during the school day, can also participate in the Special Olympics Northern California general sports program

Fact! The Special Olympics general sports program is open to anyone above the age of eight. Lots of student-athletes also participate in some of the 11 sports that SONC offers. In fact, the Schools Partnership Program is a great way to introduce families to Special Olympics. All Special Olympics – both the Schools Partnership Program and the general program are available at NO COST to the athletes and their families! To find out more about becoming an athlete in the general program, please click here.

4.  The Special Olympics Northern California & Nevada Schools Partnership Program is 100 percent federally funded

Myth! The Schools Partnership Program does receive some federal funding. However, Special Olympics Northern California & Nevada and the continued existence of the Schools Partnership Program are dependent on fundraisers, generous donors and corporate partnerships – like Chevron, which sponsors the Contra Costa County portion of the Schools Partnership Program. Schools, athletes and their families are never charged to participate in either the Schools Partnership Program or the Special Olympics general program. That means all our fundraising has to cover more than 20,000 athletes! If you’d like to consider making an athlete’s dream come true, please click here to donate.

5.  The Schools Partnership Program cannot take on anymore school districts than it already handles

Myth! We are currently looking for other districts that have the enthusiasm and desire to integrate our sports and training program into their curriculum. If you are interested in starting a School Partnership Program in a county we do not currently serve, do not hesitate to contact the schools department at schools at sonc dot org.

6.  Teachers don’t have to know all the rules and regulations of the sports in the Schools Partnership Program (soccer, basketball, track & field)

Fact! The SPP provides teachers with comprehensive (and fun!) drill books to help structure practice. No need to know all the Xs or and Os of every sport – we’ve got you covered with drills and information.

7.  Since schools are so understaffed, it’s impossible for teachers to organize competitions and run the program in their district

Myth! In every county, there is a Teacher on Special Assignment (aka a TSA) to coordinate the program in that area. This is a paid position designed by the county or school district. The TSA organizes competitions and provides support to the special education classroom teachers – including helping with training or practices. Special Olympics Northern California gives the school district a grant for the TSA.

How did you do on our pop quiz! If you have any questions, please feel free to leave us a comment and we’ll answer them!


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