Celebrating Eunice Kennedy Shriver Day!

Saturday, Sept. 28 is the fourth annual Eunice Kennedy Shriver Day! It is because of Eunice that we have Special Olympics, and that is certainly worth celebrating!


You can read more about her day and her legacy by clicking here. Eunice played a pivotal role in the changing views of people with intellectual disabilities. Check out this inspiring speech Eunice gave at the 1987 World Games:

To prove just how powerful Eunice’s legacy is, we asked our athletes, coaches, volunteers, parents and supporters what Special Olympics means to them. What greater way to see the fruits of Eunice’s labor than to hear these positive affirmations about the life-changing effects of Special Olympics!

What Special Olympics Means to Us…

“Special Olympics means family, friendship, love, support and dedication! I love being a part of Special Olympics, where I get to show the world my abilities!” -Stephanie

“It means community. No matter what we are, we are all one.” -Nicole

“It means never-ending spirit of compassion, strength and friendships. Smiles and hugs are the most rewarding. Everyone does amazing jobs!” -Heather

“Everyone plays!” -Maria

“Fun, fitness and joy!” -Danielle

“Extreme joy! Just to see the HUGE smile on my daughter Ashleigh’s face when she gets her medal – that’s all my heart needs to see.” -Dorinda

“Special Olympics means greatness.” -Stephanie

“Special Olympics means there is a place where people with disabilities are in the majority. It’s a place where people understand what it’s like to not be ideal, but they also understand that our lives have meaning. In short, Special Olympics is a community for the disabled. A place where we can feel average.” -Veronica

“Special Olympics means to me unconditional love.” -Karissa

What does Special Olympics mean to you? Let us know by leaving a comment!


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