Is Your School the Coolest?

It seems like summer was just here but school is well underway and it’s definitely fall. The changing of the seasons also means that it is already Polar Plunge season here in Northern California and Nevada!

“What’s a Polar Plunge?” You say?

It’s a unique opportunity for people to jump into winter-chilled waters to support Special Olympics athletes! This year in Northern California and Nevada, we’re hosting 11 Plunges. You don’t need to train and you don’t have to swim – it’s a Plunge and a party!

Some of our most fanatic Polar Plungers are those who take Cool School Challenge!

“What’s the Cool School Challenge?” You ask?

Students in elementary school through college – along with school administrators, teachers and families – sign up to take the Polar Plunge and simply need to fundraise $25 to Plunge! Everyone who fundraises $125 in donations receives a Polar Plunge hooded sweatshirt and admittance to the post-Plunge meal! PLUS — Cool School Challenge teams can even earn money for their schools!

“Earn money for my school? How does that work?” You want to know?

Each Cool School Challenge team that raises $2,500 or more will see 15 percent of the money they raised go back to their school. In order to qualify for the donation back, 50 percent of your team must be students, administrators or teachers at that school and you have to fill out this form. Just think – if you and your friends raise a combined $3,000, then that’s $450 that comes back to your school!

“Where can I see what the Plunge looks like?” You want to know?

Peruse our online photo galleries by clicking here!

For more information, and to sign up today, head on over to or visit our Cool School page here! Hope to see you out there!


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