Testimonial Tuesday

A group of students from Peninsula Alternative High School took a break from academic rigors of classroom learning. They spent some time giving back by volunteering with the Special Olympics Northern California Schools Partnership Program. At a soccer skills event in San Mateo County, the general education peers helped the special education students participate in different stations that showcased the kicking, dribbling and passing skills they’ve learned during soccer season.

These kinds of events are great because the general education and special education students get to interact – which isn’t commonplace at a lot of schools. Plus, it’s really a win-win. The special education students have a blast playing sports and the general education students feel such joy interacting with the student-athletes.

The leadership teacher at Peninsula Alternative High School had her students do some debriefing about volunteering, and she was kind enough to share with us! Here are some of the students’ favorite moments from the day:

  • “When a student kicked the ball and made a goal and turned to me and gave me a hug.”
  • “I learned how to say ‘good job’ in sign language.”
  • “Seeing people with smiles on their face and seeing the parents/teachers smiling.”
  • “Helping the kids write and telling them they’re doing a good job.”
  • “When I stopped a girl from crying and made her smile. I felt very good that I brought a child’s frown upside down.”
  • “When a little boy from Washington held my hand so I could be his partner for the soccer game.”
  • “I was walking around my station and one of the kids grabbed and held my hand for balance.”
  • “All the smiles and the hugging!”
  • “I think some of the best moments were the small moments like the smiles each kid had and feeling their happiness and excitement.”

Thanks for spending time with us, Peninsula Alternative School!


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