Throwback Thursday – Los Cerros Is One Cool School

We’re taking it a few months back with Our Unified School’s first-ever Throwback Thursday! Check out this photo of Los Cerros Middle School in May with their Cool School Challenge check!

Los Cerros check photo - augmented 

Thanks to their fundraising efforts, students at Los Cerros earned over $1,500 for their school! These philanthropic students also opted to donate the money earned to the special education class on their campus!

“How did they earn that money??”

By raising almost $10,300 for the athletes of Special Olympics Northern California & Nevada in the Cool School Challenge for the 2013 Polar Plunge!

Each Cool School Challenge team that raises $2,500 or more will see 15 percent of the money they raised go back to their school. In order to qualify for the donation back, 50 percent of your team must be students, administrators or teachers at that school and you have to fill out this form. Just think – if you and your friends raise a combined $3,000, then that’s $450 that comes back to your school!

Learn more about the Cool School Challenge by reading this blog post and by visiting this website!


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