Clark County Students Steal the Thanksgiving Show

Thanksgiving was the theme at Fertitta Middle School in Las Vegas. From turkey bowling to a Mayflower ride to a game called Going to Grandma’s, turkey day was the name of the game at the fall Ultimate Challenge.

Ultimate Challenges are a unique part of the Schools Partnership Program in the Clark County School District. Special education students who require major assistance pair up with general education peers for a series of fun sport stations. It’s a great opportunity for the special education students who cannot participate in team competitions or play team sports like some of their more advanced special education compatriots.

And all with a Thanksgiving twist this fall!


Sports Stations Galore

Just over 70 (20 more than participated last year!) special education students from elementary schools across Clark County hopped on buses and made their way to Fertitta for a great day of fun. They were joined by roughly 75 general education Fertitta students, who served as volunteers and helpers for the day.

At the Going to Grandma’s station, the special education students were pushed by the gen ed students on skateboard-like scooters while picking things up off the ground:

Grandmas 1 Grandmas 2

Students could bowl – with turkeys and pilgrims as pins – with a ramp:

ramp bowling

There were lots of other fun stations including playing with a slingshot and Angry Birds, a football station and pin the feathers on the turkey. All in all, it was a great day! 

The Real Stars of the Show

Ultimate Challenge is a really great and unique facet of our Schools Partnership Program in Nevada. While the higher functioning special education students have the opportunity to play team sports like their general education peers, not everyone can physically participate like that.

With the Ultimate Challenge, the special education students get out of the classroom, ride the school bus on a field trip to a different school and do things that their special education peers also get to do through our program. With these students’ physical limitations, there aren’t a lot of activities that they can do outside of their home schools so this is a great chance for the students to be Heisman Trophy winners.

Giving Thanks

Thanks to all the Fertitta middle school students and teachers who volunteered.  An especially big thank you to the adaptive physical education teachers who helped set the gym up the night before to make the event a smashing success!

volunter thank you

We’ll be back in January for another Ultimate Challenge – but with middle and high school students – can’t wait!


3 thoughts on “Clark County Students Steal the Thanksgiving Show

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