Testimonial Tuesday

Today we hear from general education students at Fertitta Middle School in Las Vegas. These National Junior Honor Society students volunteered at our fall Ultimate Challenge, which you can read about by clicking here. Their counselor was kind enough to share the students’ reactions after helping at the Special Olympics Nevada Schools Partnership Program event.


• “I learned that even little things could make a huge difference to people.”
• “What I learned in this event is that sometimes a person needs a little support to succeed.”
• “What I learned at the Special Olympics was that everyone is equal and you should treat everyone the same.”
• “I learned that just because you have a disability doesn’t mean you are not like everybody else. No matter what condition – we are one.”


• “The children were so adorable, kind and enjoyed all the games.”
• “I learned that it feels really good to put a smile on a kid’s face, especially when you know that the kid had a good time hanging out with you.”
• That day was the best experience ever. I never knew it could be so fun.”
• “I learned that you could make so many children smile in one single day. It makes us so happy just to do that for them.”


• “I don’t care if they are different, they are still part of our lives.”
• “I learned with time comes patience. When one of the kids was acting out, we had to be patient and communicate with them.”
• “This experience had made me a different person, and made me realize to be thankful always of what I have.”
• “This experience was a day worth remembering. At first I thought it might be hard, but then you just had to smile and give it your best.”



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