Testimonial Tuesday

We’re back with general education students from Vegas’ Fertitta Middle School. Their comments after volunteering at our fall Ultimate Challenge (read more about the event here) were just so good – we had to devote more than one entry to them!


  • “I learned that encouraging and supporting people can really boost their motivation to play.”
  • “I discovered that if I can make someone smile just by helping them have fun and making them feel special, it’ll make me just as happy.”
  • “I worked with two boys. Both were amazing kids and they were both very happy. Every time they laughed or gave me a high five, a smile spread across my face. I loved seeing the kids playing and having fun, and I learned that no obstacle can get in their way.”
  • “When I got to help the Special Ed students I didn’t just meet new kids, I made new friends.”


  • “I learned to treat everyone the same and not make fun of them because they are actually some of the nicest kids you will ever meet in your whole life.”
  • “I learned how to communicate with children by making them laugh.”
  • “One thing I learned was that just because you have a disability doesn’t mean that you can’t have fun and play.”
  • “Besides all the fun, it gave me the chance to realize how important each and every child is. These kids have very difficult challenges and trials to go through.”


  • “The great thing about this experience was learning the joy, love, and happiness they bring into our lives and how we can consider them a blessing.”
  • “This day clearly showed me that no matter what obstacles in life you have, nothing can stop you from enjoying yourself and having a great time.”
  • “I learned how to be more patient and caring.”



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