A Principal’s Perspective

At the Mission Valley soccer tournament in November, we caught up with the principal of host site American High School, Mr. Greg Bailey.

Our Unified Schools: How did American High Schools involvement start? What made you want to support Special Olympics by hosting?

Principal Bailey: An email went out to see if any sites would be interested in hosting. I said yes, American would be interested in hosting. I think it’s great not only for students receiving special education services but also the general education students to see what kind of difference they can make in such a special event for everybody.

Our Unified Schools: The Opening Ceremonies was one of the best ever! What did you like best?

Principal Bailey: I think the expression on the athletes’ faces. That’s why we’re in education – for those moments when students are so excited and thrilled to take part in a wonderful activity. When you see their expression and their excitement– that’s what it’s all about.

Our Unified Schools: What would you tell other administrators about getting involved with the Special Olympics Schools Partnership Program?

Principal Bailey: It just brings the whole community together. We have our leadership students, our girls’ soccer team participating and organizing along with our cheerleaders and our band. It brings the whole school community together. We’re spread across three districts so it’s nice to bring all three into one.

Our Unified Schools: What was your favorite part of the day?

Principal Bailey: I think the torch runners – their excitement and the applause that they got from the crowd.

Flame of Hope on parade close up

As a parent or as a student, those are memories that you’ll never forget. We couldn’t ask for better weather or a better day. It’s the perfect day.

To see how all of the Mission Valley soccer competition went, please click here. Thanks for your time Principal Bailey!


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