Youth Activation Committee Kicks Off 2014

Over the winter break, our fantastic Youth Activation Committee here in Northern California had a great meeting! Marina – who we interviewed here – and Claire – whose PowerPoint we featured here – along with Nikki, Brady and Russell are all devoted to spreading the word about Special Olympics and its athletes. They are leaders in their schools and communities! At the Youth Activation Committee (YAC) meeting, we got feedback of how things went at their schools during the fall semester, what’s coming up this spring semester and more.

YAC Mtg 12-15-13

What’s a Youth Activation Committee?

A group of leaders across Northern California – from middle to high school age – advocating for unity and respect in their communities and schools. They act as a group to let Special Olympics know what activities are working for their schools, how Special Olympics can further support them and help grow whole-school involvement. Lots of state Special Olympics programs have them. There’s even a national YAC and you can see more about that by clicking here.

What does the YAC do?

  • Welcome people of all ability levels into leadership roles
  • Be an advocate for Special Olympics and spread the word of whole-school involvement in your school and community
  • Encourage others to accept and respect the abilities of people with intellectual disabilities
  • Implement a project in your school or community, like:
    • R-word campaigns
    • Take the Cool School Challenge by Polar Plunging
    • Volunteer or serve as fans in the stands for a Special Olympics event
    • Start a club at your school
    • Organize rallies or assemblies promoting unity and respect for all people

What kind of qualifications do I have to have to join a YAC?

  • Communication, leadership and time management skills
  • Enthusiasm for Special Olympics
  • Dedication and a strong work ethic
  • Desire to make a difference and make your school a more respectful place

How can I join?

If you’re interested in joining our Youth Activation Committee, please contact Heather at HeatherJ at or 925-944-8801!


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