Testimonial Tuesday

For today’s dose of smiles with a side of excellent life lessons, we’re chatting with general ed middle school students. These Fertitta Middle School honor students spent a morning volunteering at our fall Ultimate Challenge, and it really had an impact on them.


  • “Everyone is totally different so we should appreciate the differences in everyone.”
  • “Seeing the kids play, enjoying themselves and having fun made me realize that one can be happy with simple things. Sharing one’s time can mean a lot to other people.”
  • “I enjoyed when you would play with the kids and they would smile. It seems as if their smiles are the brightest of them all.”
  • “I learned that not everyone is the same. Some people might be different, but they are still people and we must treat them the way we would like to be treated.”


  • “The Special Olympics event taught me how to be more patient with different people of all different ages and personalities.”
  • “This was the first time I was ever up close playing with kids with disabilities. I really had a good time.”
  • “My experience volunteering at the Special Olympics has impacted me in a great way. Seeing how easy it was to bring a smile to their faces was an amazing feeling.”
  • “I learned that just because some people look different, talk different, think different and act different, it doesn’t necessarily mean they are different in the inside.” 


  • “I knew they were enjoying themselves so that lit up the rest of my day.”
  • “I felt proud of being in a school that takes the time to host such a special event.”
  • “I learned that we need to appreciate what we have and just be happy. Those kids looked so happy! We should follow their example and stop complaining about little things because those special kids are not able to do much, but they still manage to smile.”
  • “I learned that it is just as fun to make people happy as much as myself. Watching the kids have fun gave a smile on my face.”



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