Teaching Acceptance and Respect

One of our favorite teachers – Ms. Flack at Monte Vista High School – has shared another one of her stellar lesson plans!

Similar to the one she created last year (which you can read about here and see the plan here!), the lesson plan will be given to all teachers at her school to administer during the advisory/homeroom period. While last year’s lesson centered on the r-word, this one educates students on how to use people-first language.

Every day is a great day to make a school more accepting of different kinds of people, but this lesson plan (which you can see here) will hit Monte Vista HS at a perfect time. Just a few days after the plan is given to all homerooms, Monte Vista is hosting a basketball tournament for student-athletes in our Special Olympics Northern California Schools Partnership Program. And, a few days after that, it’s national Spread the Word to End the R-Word Day.

Ms. Flack’s lesson plan covers: 

  • Judging people based on labels and appearances
  • Preconceived notions are barriers to friendships
  • People are people first, it’s not our characteristics, abilities (or disabilities) that define us
  • Labeling people devalues them as a person and changes our attitudes towards and perceptions of them
  • How to use people-first language (worksheet included!)

To see the lesson plan, please click here. To see the worksheet the students were given, please click here. To see the answer sheet to the worksheet, please click here.

Thank you for sharing, Ms. Flack, and for making a difference in your school! Everyone is more than welcome to use both of Ms. Flack’s lessons plans at their schools!


3 thoughts on “Teaching Acceptance and Respect

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