Quiz: Do You Talk the Talk?

Take out your No. 2 pencils and get ready for a pop quiz!

Question: Is handicapped bathroom the proper term for restrooms with the blue, wheelchair placard on them?

Answer: No. It’s accessible bathroom.

Question: What’s the proper phrase – Downs person or person who has Down syndrome?

Answer: Person who has down syndrome

Question: Which is correct – Special Olympics athletes are disabled or Special Olympics athletes are children and adults with intellectual disabilities?

Answer: Special Olympics athletes are children and adults with intellectual disabilities

Are you beginning to see a pattern? Thanks to the friends and athletes of Special Olympics and the work of places like The Arc (a national advocacy organization for people with disabilities), the way people with disabilities are talked about is changing – and for the better!

Special Olympics emphasizes people-first language. People are people first. They’re not disabled, stupid, different, etc. Characteristics don’t define anyone. Children and adults with disabilities are often misjudged or defined by their disability which can be insensitive and hurtful.

After that little tutorial (that came to use from Ms. Flack’s lesson plan, which you can see here), are you ready to try your hand at some more people-first language questions?

Person who has (been diagnosed with) person who suffers from, is afflicted by…
Accessible parking, bathrooms, etc. handicapped parking, bathrooms, etc.
People with disabilities the handicapped, the disabled
People without disabilities ___________________________
___________________________ autistic
___________________________ Downs person
___________________________ cripple, handicapped
___________________________ mute, dumb
___________________________ learning disabled
Person diagnosed with a cognitive disability ___________________________
Student who receives SPED services ___________________________
___________________________ wheelchair bound, confined to a wheelchair
Person with a visual impairment ___________________________

How did you do? To see the answers to the blanks, please click here! If you’d like to print this quiz, please click here! Thank you to Ms. Flack for sharing!

And don’t forget, you can take part in national Spread the Word to End the R-Word Day by taking the pledge to end the r-word! Click here to take the pledge!


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