A Day to Remember at Liberty High School

Just two days removed from Bay Area Games, excited student-athletes, parents and teachers headed to Liberty High School in Brentwood for another dose of track & field competition!

The nationally renowned LHS Chamber Singers kicked things off with a wonderful rendition of the national anthem. LHS then received their Project UNIFY/whole-school involvement banner in recognition of its outstanding work! Liberty put on a youth summit, took the pledge to end the r-word and hosted the competition to earn their well-deserved banner!

Liberty High School Brentwood Project UNIFY banner

Check out how many students pledged to not use the r-word!

Signed RWord banner Liberty HS Brentwood copy

After the ceremonial Torch Run, the races got started!

Torch Run Special Olympics Liberty High School Brentwood California copy

Everyone did a great job, especially because temps were already in the 80s at 9 a.m.! The student-athletes were bolstered by the support of about 70 general education student volunteers from Liberty High! You could really tell that the signing the r-word poster was not just a one-time deal for them. I mean just check out this poster – it was just one of several on campus!

hand painted r-word poster Liberty HS Brentwood copy

One of the great things about these Schools Partnership Program competitions is that there is something for everyone. Some student-athletes…

  • Sprint down the track like Michael Johnson
  • Walk at their own speed
  • Have an aide guide them down the straightaway
  • Wave their arms in excitement as they compete
  • Wheel themselves or have someone push their chairs
  • Cover their ears or wear headphones to accommodate their sensory overload
  • Almost miss their race start because they’re hyping up the spectators

The common denominator across all abilities are big smiles! One student-athlete proudly exclaimed and aptly described the meet, “This is a day to remember!” Props to Liberty High School for hosting and everyone who competed!


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