A Parent’s Perspective

At the conclusion of the Special Olympics Unified basketball league in Brentwood and Oakley, a parent emailed her thoughts on the program to her son’s school. (If you’ve missed our posts on this Unified program, click here and here!) When we saw the letter, we just had to share it with everyone.

Hello Liberty Leaders,

I wanted to take just a moment to commend you all on the incredibly valuable experience provided to so many students recently through the Special Olympics Unified Sports basketball. I know that my son, Jake, truly enjoyed and completely embraced the experience playing on that team, and he is excited for possible other sporting events in the future. The general education students involved also got such an amazing life lesson, and not one they will soon forget.

I am so very proud that our high school district has embarked upon making programs like these part of the fabric woven into our community. This goes so far into creating a generation of tolerant and compassionate citizens for the future.

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for taking this step. It is so appreciated, and our family is grateful beyond measure!!

Our best,

Mark and Lisa

When we asked her if she would mind us posting it to our blog, this was her response:

Absolutely! We’d be thrilled! Unified Sports is just the ticket for Jake, as he really, really wishes he was typical, and prefers typical kids, his siblings, and their friends. We are having a harder and harder time trying to explain that he isn’t quite up to the whole mainstream. So this mix is exactly what we needed! We are more grateful than you know for sure!

Thank you Lisa, Jake and everyone who helped make Special Olympics Unified Sports happen!


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