Three Cheers for Our Track Teachers of the Season!

We at Our Unified Schools hope everyone’s summer is going swimmingly well! We’ve been busy here at Special Olympics Northern California & Nevada gearing up for the fall! However, we would be remiss if we didn’t recognize the teachers who rightly earned Teacher of the Season award for this spring track season! Congratulations to Lori Brady (Contra Costa County), Agnes Leong (San Francisco Unified) and Stephanie Columbo (San Mateo County)!

Contra Costa County – Lori Brady – Bristow Middle School/CCCOE

Lori Brady teaches at Bristow Middle School in the Contra Costa County Office of Education and is deserving of this accolade!


Here’s what Lori had to say about being named a teacher of the season:

“Thank you so much for nominating me for this award, I am truly honored! I have been working with special needs students for 12 years, and each year, I learn a little more. One thing I have learned is that many of these kids need to work on their social skills. The Special Olympics Schools Partnership Program provides the perfect opportunity to do just that. Every event we attend gives the students plenty of opportunities to see their previous teachers and friends. It also gives us a chance to support and encourage each other in a natural way. We always get excited about Special Olympics and spending the day being active through sports and socializing. Our classroom is committed to practicing for each event and working together as a team. Go Bears!”

San Francisco Unified – Agnes Leong – Peabody Elementary School

A teacher at Peabody Elementary and a pioneer in the bringing the Schools Partnership Program to San Francisco Unified, Agnes Leong takes the cake in the City!

Agnes - teacher of the season

Here’s what her nominator wrote about her commitment to the program:

“Like other San Francisco Teachers of the Season before her, Agnes Leong exemplifies all that is good, positive and wonderful in a special education teacher. She was the first person who volunteered for this program when we first started it seven years ago. She and her students have participated in every seasonal event each year. She always shows the joy and dedication and vision to our program that make the program what it is, and the students follow her lead every year. Her students, no matter what disability, participate with that same joy and dedication. It is teachers like Agnes that make running this program in San Francisco so worthwhile.”

San Mateo County – Stephanie Columbo – Terra Nova High School

Hailing from Terra Nova High School in San Mateo County, Stephanie Columbo’s guidance and her leadership class merited this laudation!

Terra nova leadership stephanie colombo

Read why they especially deserved this spring award:

“Stephanie Colombo and the Terra Nova leadership class’s time and efforts were absolutely invaluable in the execution of our track and field/Super Sports Day event. From receiving the new tents, Gatorade and sports complex only a day before, to setting up the tents, tables, chairs, games and equipment early in the morning the day of the event – the group really went the extra mile. Stephanie spent many hours encouraging and engaging with her leadership students in preparation for Super Sports Day. Throughout the event, she continued to work through every detail and finally with breaking down equipment, cleaning, and loading up our trucks, she worked tirelessly to help our day be successful.

Stephanie worked so arduously for every aspect of the event while maintaining a positive attitude and a smile. Her efforts helped to ensure that the event got off the ground, ran smoothly, and were enjoyable for our student-athletes all day long. Stephanie’s professionalism, respect and tolerance towards all students and staff are inspiring.

This presence and generosity represents the values of sportsmanship, volunteerism and acceptance that Special Olympics strives to uphold and instill in all students and participants.”

Congratulations to our Spring 2014 Teachers of the Season! You can find fall 2013 winners here and winter 2014 winners here.


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