Easy Ways You Can Live a Unified Life

Most people are quite familiar with Jackie O., John F. Kennedy and the magic of Camelot. But did you know that JFK’s sister, Eunice, started Special Olympics? Did you also know that you can help continue her legacy in your every day life?

Eunice Kennedy Shriver’s actions helped open the minds and hearts of all people to the gifts and talents of individuals with intellectual disabilities. As the founder of Special Olympics she demonstrated an unrelenting and indomitable spirit, with an unshakeable belief that one person can make a difference and change the world.


Sept. 27 is the fifth annual Eunice Kennedy Shriver Day. The day – known as EKS Day – is a global celebration of her life and call for people to create a more unified world. By committing acts of inclusion, acceptance and unity for and with people with intellectual disabilities, we will continue to build on the legacy of Eunice Kennedy Shriver.

EKS at the 2006 SO US National Games

Today, our call to action begins with you. We invite you to celebrate this extraordinary woman’s legacy and help your community move towards a world where those with and without intellectual disabilities are united in a more inclusive, just, and caring world.

Easy Ways To Live Unified:

  • When you hear someone using the r-word, ask them to stop and explain why it hurts.
  • Consider volunteering with Special Olympics – whether it’s just for a day or as a coach. Click here for volunteer opportunities in Nevada and here for Northern California.
  • Play Unified Sports – start an inclusive pick-up game during lunch or after school.
  • Speak up when you see someone being mistreated.
  • Learn more about Eunice Kennedy Shriver and her life – click here to see info, videos and more!
  • Step out of your comfort zone and don’t be afraid to make friends with someone who seems different than you. Regardless of abilities and backgrounds, we’re all the same – people who want to be accepted.
  • Make your school a more respectful place – bring Special Olympics to your school! Click here see how!

Click here to take the pledge to end the r-word in honor of Eunice Kennedy Shriver Day!

Play Unified. Live Unified.


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