Q&A With a Pair of Best Buddies

One of the great schools in our Schools Partnership Program – Dublin High School – hosted a soccer tournament with DHS’ Best Buddies Club! Best Buddies brings students with and without disabilities to build friendships. We caught up with two members of the club – seniors Kaitlyn and Emilie!


Our Unified Schools: How long have you been involved with Best Buddies?

Kaitlyn and Emilee: This is the first year our club has become official by Best Buddies standards but we have both been involved for two years at our school.


Our Unified Schools: What made you want to start a unified sports team?

Kaitlyn: I thought it would be really cool to have the athletes and clubs involved with the special needs students. Not only is our club involved but so are our band, football and soccer teams. We all came together to help support the event.

Emiliee: I think it’s important for everyone to come together on one common ground.


OurUnifiedSchools.com: What do you like most about Best Buddies?

Kaitlyn: We just got assigned our buddies last week, and I love having a buddy to work with. It’s nice for the student to have a go-to person.

Emilie: The students receiving special education just want to be in school interacting with the general education students so this gives them the ability to reach out to their buddy and feel more comfortable on campus.


OurUnifiedSchools.com: What is the best part about today’s event?

Kaitlyn: How everyone is surrounded by people who care about each other.

Emilie: Seeing the athletes have fun and laugh and enjoy the day being outside playing soccer.

Thanks Kaitlyn, Emilie and Dublin High’s Best Buddies!


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