The Top 11 Schools in Nevada

Some serious kudos are due to 11 great Nevada schools! We work with lots of great campuses and students, who partner with Special Olympics on whole-school involvement activities. During the 2013-14 school year, with lots of dedication and teamwork, these 11 schools earned themselves the proud title of Gold-Level Project UNIFY School.

Nevada 2013-14 Gold-Level Project UNIFY Schools: 

    • Chapparal High
    • Cheyenne High
    • Fertitta Middle
    • Green Valley High
    • Greenspun Middle
    • Liberty High
    • Shadow Ridge High
    • Spring Valley High
    • University of Nevada, Las Vegas
    • Valley High
    • Woodbury Middle

What does it mean to be a Gold-Level Project UNIFY school?

It means that these campuses have worked with Special Olympics Northern Nevada on at least three whole-school involvement activations.

The students could serve as volunteer, fans in the stands, peer partners or coaches at a Schools Partnership Program event. Student leaders could plan a Spread the Word to End the Word campaign. Students can team up to take the annual Polar Plunge (and even earn money back for their school!) through the Cool School Challenge. The possibilities are endless.

No matter the means, what matters is making schools more respectful and inclusive places – hence the name whole-school involvement. It’s about getting everyone engaged so they feel welcomed on campus.

The student participation in Nevada was great this year! We had… 

  • 7 schools Spread the Word to End the Word (387 students)
  • 33 schools participate in Unified Sports (1,982 students)
  • 12 schools were Fans in the Stands (3,838 students)
  • 8 schools take the Poplar Plunge (46 students)
  • 2 schools hold Youth Summits (71 students)
  • 9 schools volunteer (409 students)

For a grand total of….

6,526 general education students playing a part in Project UNIFY!

Project UNIFY and being involved with the Schools Partnership Program makes schools more respectful and unified environments. For more information on whole-school involvement, please click here.


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