What Are the Top California Schools?

Our Unified Schools isn’t an official ranking system, but we like to think that we work with the best schools in all of California! Students at a select 37 of the top schools went above and beyond to make their campuses more respectful and unified!

For their work – meaning they joined with the Schools Partnership Program for at least three whole-school involvement Special Olympics events – we laud them with the well-deserved title of Gold-Level Project UNIFY School!

Northern California 2013-14 Gold-Level Project UNIFY Schools:

  • Contra Costa County
    • Acalanes High
    • California High
    • Freedom High
    • Heritage High
    • Liberty High
    • Los Cerros Middle
    • Monte Vista High
    • San Ramon High
    • Ygnacio Valley High
    • University of California, Berkeley
  • Fresno County
    • Buchanan High
    • Bullard High
    • Central East
    • Clovis High
    • Clovis North High
    • Hoover High
    • Sunnyside High
    • Tehipite Middle
  • San Mateo County
    • Burlingame High
    • El Granada Elementary
    • Hillsdale High
    • Lipman Middle
    • Ocean Shore Elementary
    • Peninsula High
    • Sacred Heart
    • Sequoia High
    • South San Francisco High
    • Terra Nova High
    • Woodside High
  • Tri-Valley
    • Dublin High
    • Granada High
    • Pleasanton Middle
  • San Francisco Unified
    • Lowell High
    • Mission High
  • Mission Valley
    • American High
    • James Logan High
    • Newark Memorial High
    • Mission Valley
  • Sacramento
    • Foothill Middle

How did these schools earn this award?

Student leaders could plan a Spread the Word to End the Word campaign. Students could volunteer, serve as peer partners or coaches or be fans in the stands at a Schools Partnership Program event. Students can team up to take the annual Polar Plunge (and even earn money back for their school!) through the Cool School Challenge.

In short, they worked with Special Olympics Northern California on at least three activations. These whole-school involvement activities are designed to promote respect and acceptance. They can be variety of things, like…

  • Organize Spread the Word to End the Word activities – 19 schools/6,974 students
  • Serve as Fans in the Stands – 44 schools/6,759 students
  • Take the Polar Plunge –12 schools/203 students
  • Put on a Youth Summit – 15 schools/1,533 students
  • Host a Young Athlete Program – 4 schools/115 students
  • Volunteer – 45 schools/3,093 students
  • Host a competition – 57 schools: 19 soccer, 27 basketball, 11 track & field
  • Participate in Unified Sports – 16 schools/703 students

All of this great work resulted in: 20,547 general education students participating!

Project UNIFY and being involved with the Schools Partnership Program makes schools more respectful and unified environments. For more information on whole-school involvement, please click here.


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