After-School All-Stars Plan Special Olympics Day

We recently spent an afternoon with the After-School All-Stars, who have taken on the task of putting together a Special Olympics Day! The All-Stars group is a nonprofit with 15 different schools sending a student representative. They’re always on the hunt for service projects so they teamed up with the Special Olympics Nevada Schools Partnership Program!

The students are finalizing the date when Brinley Middle School will host a Special Olympics Day for students receiving special education services. The students will partner with the After-School All-Stars and Brinley general education students for skills stations, games and more! When general and special education students play on the same team together, it’s called Unified Sports. At this Special Olympics Day, there will be Unified Sports and more!

Teaming up to plan the day, Students from the following schools participate in the All-Stars program: Brinley Middle, CP Squires Elementary, Fremont Middle, Gibson Middle, JD Smith Middle, Martinez Elementary, Orr Middle, CT Sewell Elementary, Von Tobel Middle, West Prep Academy Elementary, West Prep Academy Middle. All of the schools will also participate in the official Spread the Word to End the R-Word Day on March 4, 2015.

When we met up with the students, we gave them a survey to establish a baseline and see why they’re interested. In the coming weeks, we’ll be sharing the survey as a teaching tool! We also discussed the importance of spreading the word to end the word and all of them took the pledge!

Unified Sports Day  (1)

Thanks to the After-School All-Stars group for hosting us and planning the Unified Sports Day! If you want to join them in taking the pledge to end the r-word, click here! 


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