Q&A With Brady – a Cool School Plunger

Did you know that you can earn money for your school by taking the Polar Plunge with Special Olympics Northern California & Nevada? Lots of local schools create teams, fundraise and Plunge together – all for our Special Olympics athletes! It’s a great way for students to bond and raise money for their schools. We’ve talked about the Cool School Challenge here on Our Unified Schools before, but today we went straight to the source. We caught up with three-time Plunger Brady to see why he and his classmates take the Plunge!


OurUnifiedSchools.com: Why did your school take the Polar Plunge?

Brady: My school took the Polar Plunge to show our support for the Special Olympics athletes and to raise money and awareness for Special Olympics. We wanted to come in as a group and show the athletes how much we cared about them.

OurUnifiedSchools.com: What’s your favorite part about Plunging?

Brady: My favorite part about Plunging is when you sprint into the cold water with everyone else around you. You realize how many people truly care about and support the athletes, and how everyone is in this together.

OurUnifiedSchools.com: What would you tell other students and schools about taking the Plunge?

Brady: I would tell other students and schools that taking the Plunge is something that everyone should get involved in. By plunging into the Bay in the middle of winter, you really feel part of the Special Olympics team.

OurUnifiedSchools.com: Why is taking the Polar Plunge important and fun?

Brady: Taking the Polar Plunge is important because you not only raise money for Special Olympics, but you also feel that you’re making an impact on the athletes. It’s also fun because you get together with other supporters, and, as crazy as it seems, you run straight into ice-cold water.

OurUnifiedSchools.com: Why should schools Plunge?

Brady: The Cool School Challenge is great to take part in because you can compete against other schools by raising money for the athletes. After fundraising, you really feel like you’ve made a difference. You should also not only get involved with the Polar Plunge, but you should reach out and volunteer at the many other Special Olympics events as well.

To see more about the Cool School Challenge and earning money for your school, click here! To register for the Polar Plunge and see all Plunge locations, click here!


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