Q&A With Marina – a Veteran Cool School Plunger

What better way to get to know what taking the Polar Plunge and Cool School Challenge is actually like than talking to someone who’s Plunged FIVE TIMES? Marina first took the Plunge with her classmates at Los Cerros Middle School and then at Monte Vista High School! She’s even left a legacy of Plunging for Monte Vista HS is Plunging with us on Feb. 21 in San Francisco!

We were thankful to chat with Marina, who may be off at college now (goo Clemson!) but she she’s a tried and true proud alum of the Plunge!

Marina-graphic-featurediPolarPlunge.com: Why did you school take the Polar Plunge? 

Marina: I took the Polar Plunge to raise awareness for Special Olympics and to use it as a bonding and growing experience for kids in my school that share similar morals and interests in volunteering for Special Olympics.

iPolarPlunge.com: What’s your favorite part about Plunging?

MV: I love running into the water, getting out because it’s too cold, then running back in because heck, it’s for Special Olympics!


iPolarPlunge.com: What would you tell other students and schools about taking the Plunge?

MV: Don’t forget a change of socks and underwear! That might just be the worst part!

iPolarPlunge.com: Why is taking the Polar Plunge important and fun?

MV: Taking the Plunge is important because not only does it raise awareness for Special Olympics through fundraising and publicity through the city of San Francisco but it also helps bring people together that would normally never be a part of such a great cause! You meet people from all over Northern California, and everyone is in it together! Taking the Plunge is fun because when else would you ever run into the San Francisco Bay in the middle of February?? I love getting all dressed up with my friends and doing something absolutely crazy and out of the ordinary with them!! And the best part is that it’s all for such a great cause!

iPolarPlunge.com: You’ve been Plunging for a long time. What was it like the first time?

MV: My first Plunge, I was absolutely terrified. I don’t like open water and I most definitely don’t like cold water. What I didn’t realize though, is that when the announcer calls your school’s name and you start to run towards the water, the adrenaline is pumping through your veins and you don’t even realize it as the cold water hits you. I (on average) jump in 3 or 4 times per Polar Plunge!!! I can never get enough!!

To see more about the Cool School Challenge – including how you can earn money for your school – and register today, click here!


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