A Lesson Plan to Spread the Word

Are you a teacher or student who wishes you didn’t hear students use the r-word? Then we have a lesson plan for you! Wednesday, March 4, 2015 is annual Spread the Word to End the R-Word Day, when people all over the country pledge to not use the r-word (retard), and instead replace it with respect for all.

Ms. Flack teaches at Monte Vista High School and is back with another stellar lesson plan to educate all students at her school! This year’s lesson plan coincides not only with Spread the Word to End the Word Day but also with an upcoming dance the school is holding for special education classes around the area. Monte Vista HS students are invited to join the fun and help create a positive and inclusive atmosphere.

Click here to see the lesson plan for 2015! We’ve also showcased her lesson plans from 2014 and 2013. This year’s lesson plan incorporates teacher instruction, video and peer interactions to facilitate a discussion on why it’s important to not use the r-word. My favorite quote from the plan is:

“When we label people with words like “retard,” we devalue them, which can change our perception of them and can alter our attitude towards them. It also perpetuates a cycle of intolerance and dismissal towards a growing demographic.”

What Can You Do at Your School? 


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