Five Easy Things You Can Do to End the R-Word

Join the movement – team up with Special Olympics to spread the word to end the word! We have five easy ways that you can help put an end to the r-word!

1. Take the Pledge

Be part of the millions of people who have pledged to never use the r-word! Click here to take the pledge! Then share the URL with your friends to get them to take the pledge!

2. Share on Your Facebook, Twitter

Social media is a great way to encourage people to not use the r-word! Download one of our Facebook cover photos and or profile pictures to spread the word to end the word! Tag Special Olympics Northern California or Special Olympics Nevada so we can see your posts! On Twitter, include @SONorCal or @SONevada!

Right click on the photos below and save to your desktop. Then post to your Facebook with the caption:

I took the pledge to end the r-word. Will you do the same?






3. Say Something

When you hear someone say the r-word – even if it’s a joke – it can be awkward to say something. But you can make a real difference by asking them not to use it. Click here to see easy ways to ask friends, students and family members not to use the r-word!

4. Talk the Talk

Respect for everyone, including those with disabilities, extends beyond just the r-word. Quiz yourself on how respectful your speech is – click here!

5. Hear Personal Stories

Enlightened folks know that the r-word hurts but hearing stories from those who have had the r-word used against them really emphasizes why we should never use the r-word.

Lowell High School’s fantastic video

Meet Mary-Ellen Powers, a Special Olympics athlete who has this poignant piece to say about asking people to not use the r-word:

“We aren’t being politically correct, or the ‘word police.’ We are compassionate people who have been hurt by the sting of that one word and we don’t want anyone else hurt by it. Words DO hurt! We may learn at a slower rate, but we are not retarded. All we want is to be accepted, and respected! In fact, the only R-word in our dictionary is RESPECT!

Click here to see our community’s reaction to hearing someone use the r-word.

We have even more ideas that are perfect for students and schools looking to spread the word to end the r-word! Just click here to see our ideas and click here to see what free downloads we have! If you and your school are doing things to end the r-word, click here to share your story with us!


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