Download Your Elementary School Games Photos

Respect and unity were the themes of the day for the 13th annual Nevada School Games! Roughly 950 elementary school students competed in a variety of track & field events at Durango High School on April 30.

Organized by Special Olympics Nevada as part of its Schools Partnership Program, Nevada School Games personified inclusion and appreciation for diversity as special education student-athletes and their general education peers competed side-by-side in a variety of track & field events.

After training for weeks as part of the Schools Partnership Program, the students receiving special education services competed with their general education partners. Everyone participated in a rousing Opening Ceremonies before races got underway. Following their races and field heats, student-athletes were recognized with a medal award by Nevada law enforcement. To see more about Nevada School Games, click here.

We’ve got some great photos from the elementary school portion of Nevada School Games – and you can download them for free! Right click and save to your desktop or control, click and save on a Mac. We’ve got even more photos on Flickr – click here to check them out! To see the photos below bigger, click on one and scroll!


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