A Note From the Principal’s Office

When we were in school, getting called to the Principal’s Office was always scary. These days, all of us at Special Olympics Northern California & Nevada love hearing from principals! We appreciate hearing their feedback and learning why they’re involved (see an example of this here). It makes a very big difference for schools to have administrative support when it comes to Special Olympics in the classroom.

We recently received a very kind letter from Principal Ken Sobaszek at Legacy High School in Las Vegas. It was especially to hear how positively the Schools Partnership Program is impacting not only ALL of the students at LHS, but also the principal himself!

Dear Special Olympics Nevada,

The purpose of this letter is to thank you for your continued support of our students. At Legacy high School, we have several specialized programs with a large population of students who have traditionally participated in the Special Olympics. Our teachers and students would concur in saying that the Special Olympics provides immeasurable motivation and pride. As participants, our general education and special education students collaborate with teachers to prepare. This creates a positive culture, with a focus on healthy competition while rising to overcome life’s challenges.

As a principal, I have personally attended several Special Olympics events and consistently walked away with renewed clarity about the purpose of my position. Through their participation, students are able to build self-esteem and break down barriers which historically separate them from the school community. In closing, we look forward to attending future events and thank you for the opportunity to engage our students in these meaningful events.


Ken Sobaszek | Principal Legacy High School | Las Vegas

Thank you Principal Sobaszek and Legacy High School!


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