Chatting With Chaparral

We love working with Chaparral High School in Las Vegas! Our Unified Schools caught up with Adapted Physical Education Teacher Amy Naches, who shared her thoughts on Chaparral’s involvement with Special Olympics Nevada Schools Partnership Program.

“Chaparral High School has been an outstanding supporter of Special Olympics Unified Sports. For the past eight years, Chaparral students have participated in Unified track & field, basketball, and most recently, soccer. Unified Sports gives students a sense of belonging and allows students of all abilities the opportunity to celebrate differences and value each student for who they are.

In addition to bringing teams to these types of Special Olympics schools events, Chaparral has been the long-time host site for Unified basketball, which takes place each March. During this event, Chaparral welcomes over 500 students, staff, and family members from schools across the district for an exciting morning. There are dozens of modified basketball games as well as smiles and friendships that continue to develop and last for years to come.


Chaparral High School is a proven leader in the Clark County School District as a school that values diversity among students and proves this by breaking down social barriers and facilitating opportunities that encourages team building, cooperation, acceptance, and fun through Unified sports. The Adapted P.E. Department, along with CCSD, is proud of the partnership we have with Special Olympics Nevada Schools Partnership Program.”

Thank you Chaparral and Ms. Naches!


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