Middle Schoolers’ Opinions

Some Las Vegas students are getting involved with Special Olympics, which is not only enhancing their school experience, but also bringing the ideals of respect and acceptance to others in the process. Members of the National Junior Honor Society at Fertitta Middle School volunteered to run an Ultimate Challenge Day at their school. After the event, the general education students reflected on their involvement with Special Olympics in their school. Here’s what they had to say!

“When the Special Olympics started, I did not expect it to be so exciting. All of us had enjoyed having fun playing with the students with special needs. All of the games were helpful to connect all of us together. My partner and I had a fun time playing the games with all the students.”

“This year’s Special Olympics was a great experience. I bonded with a lot of students and enjoyed their company. When they laughed and smiled, it brought me a lot of joy. I learned about being thankful for what I have. It was so much fun to play with them and see them happy. I am so honored to be able to have this opportunity.

“My experience today was heart-warming. It made me think about how we can still have fun through the challenges in life. I also liked how the theme this year was ‘Frozen’ because that movie was about family and being there for each other so it kind of symbolizes today.”

“I had a wonderful experience today during Special Olympics. This activity really made me think about the big picture and really made me happy. Many kids my age are unappreciative of their life and complain but this activity really made me think about how there are kids that have real problems but still remain happy and have fun. It also made me think about the fact that even though the kids were challenged in one way or another they still are capable of everything other kids can do. I really enjoyed the Special Olympics this year and I had a great time.”

“I loved Special Olympics. This experience made me appreciate life more. This is actually influencing me into getting a career in either social work or special needs. I love how happy the students get after they are praised. This was exactly how I wanted this day to go. I got to interact with the students as well as running my portion of the station. I love this day and I am sad that I don’t get to do it next year.”

“My Special Olympics experience this year was absolutely amazing! Working with these students and seeing their reactions…I can’t even explain how seeing their smiles brightened my day. It was an amazing experience and I really enjoyed hanging out with all these amazing students. It really changed how I look at life, and I really want to try to think more of others and not myself. Just anything that can help, I will do because I want to be the change I wish to see in the world.

“My experience today was eye opening. It made me realize that everybody can have fun. I really enjoyed working with the students and seeing them smile. In the future, I will definitely do this again and volunteer for other things like this.”

“My Special Olympics experience was very good. I was here last year, and so I was new to this experience then. But this year, I knew what to do and it was better and easier to interact with everyone. I have had such an amazing experience that I was so bummed at when we had to pack everything up. I made friends with some of the people who run the event and it’s sad to know that I won’t see them, again. I am proud to be and NJHS member knowing that I got to have this experience.”

Thanks to the Fertitta students for sharing their thoughts with us! If you’d like to see more testimonials about the power of the Schools Partnership Program, click here!


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