Mission High School Hosts Great Skills Day

Many different classes from across San Francisco Unified tried their hands at basketball at a skills day hosted by Mission High School! As we discussed in this blog entry, a skills day is a great way for student-athletes of all abilities to practice their sports fundamentals. It doesn’t matter whether the student-athletes are just like Mike or not – skills days allows everyone to excel.

High school students through transition (post-high school age) made their way to Mission High School to try their hand at basketball. Mission High School’s Best Buddies Club held Opening Ceremonies, where the Special Olympics Oath was recited and got the attendees excited for the day.Galileo 1 There were various stations set-up for student to practice their basketball skills to get themselves ready for the upcoming competitions. Students worked on their shooting, dribbling and passing during the skills day.

Galileo 3

It was great to see so many students and parents supporting the athletes in the gym!

Galileo 5

After classes made it through the skills portion of the event, Galileo Academy of Science and Technology and Mission High School put on a Unified basketball exhibition game! In Unified Sports, students with and without intellectual disabilities compete together on the same team.

Galileo 6

The game between Galileo and Mission was very competitive and the participants all had a great time! The Unified game had everyone in the gym cheering! Mission High School students filled the stands and congratulated the student-athletes after the game.

Galileo 7

All the students that came out to the event had a wonderful time! The general education student volunteers all had a great time, too! They helped at each skills station and got some one-on-one time with the student athletes. There were lots of high fives being given!

Thanks to Mission High School for hosting and for everyone who made this skills day a success!


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