Testimonial Tuesday With Fertitta Middle School

At a recent Schools Partnership Program in Clark County, members of the National Junior Honor Society at Fertitta Middle School helped make the event possible! We can see how much the student-athletes with intellectual disabilities love these Schools events, but it is equally wonderful to see how these events so positively affect students without disabilities. Please enjoy the window into these students’ experiences with Special Olympics in the schools!


“I had a wonderful time helping with the Special Olympics event, and I learned so much. I had a beautiful experience working with the students. I met student-athletes who have hearts of gold and don’t get the right recognition because of their disability. That breaks my heart. I hope I can continue this in the future.”

My experience with Special Olympics was amazing and almost indescribable. The students that participated clearly had fun in most of the games. It was very fun working on the battle ship station. I would want to do it again! The students were so sweet and happy to just be there. I have had past experiences with children with special needs and loved every part of it. Just like today, I wouldn’t trade this experience for anything. It was a lot of fun working with the students at the station, and to see how excited they got when they were able to get a ball where it is supposed to be. My favorite part would be the ending where everyone was on the bubble wrap.”


“Overall this experience was one of the best things I’ve done!”

“My experience today with Special Olympics was amazing to be able to play with the students. I got to do the hockey and soccer station. We had to help the students push a blow-up ball into a hoop with a hockey stick. It was an amazing moment seeing them able to laugh and have fun. During the experience I learned that we should be grateful for what we have now. Also, that even though some people have disabilities and aren’t able to do activities in the same way that we can do, it doesn’t mean that they shouldn’t be treated differently. Everyone should be treated equally. Overall, today was an amazing experience – I got to play with the students and saw them having fun.”

“I learned a lot today with Special Olympics. For instance, I thought the students’ disabilities would get the best of them but instead, they just played on and had a fun time. Setting up the bowling event was the best too. We made the students so happy. Some students were so nice – they gave us hugs or high-fives. In return we said complements to them like, ‘You should be a pro bowler.’ Doing this amazing event to help the students felt good. I would love to do this again and again. If I didn’t do this, I might not have grown as a person.


“My experience with Special Olympics was wonderful. I have never learned more about students with disabilities. It taught me how to really appreciate who they are. My mom works with autistic children on a regular basis, and I really got an idea of what her job was like. Trust me, it was really nice to get out of class but it was more than that. It was a hands-on educational experience. I loved all of the people who came through the doors. That’s my experience with the Special Olympics – the most amazing experience of my life.”


“I learned a lot today from the Special Olympics. I learned a lot about life and how other people can still do what people without disabilities can. The number one thing I learned was that I am able to take my opportunities and help people that don’t have the same amount of access that we do. I had a great time doing this and making students happy. This was a great way to show that Fertitta is the place to go and have students volunteer and let students have a great time. We never realize but we get so many opportunities to do so many things but not everyone notices how we can share these opportunities with others. I’m glad we notice and took it!”


“When I was volunteering at Special Olympics, I met a lot new people. A lot of the people that I met were in wheelchairs and it was upsetting to see that they couldn’t do the easy everyday things I do every day. It makes me appreciate what I have a lot more. I met one girl, and she was so sweet and happy. It was such a great day. The students seemed to be so joyful and appreciative of what we were doing. I also got to see my mom’s old students and they both gave me hugs and were so happy. Their smiles made my day.”

Thank you to Fertitta Middle School students for their insightful words and volunteering spirit! Click here to see more testimonial Tuesdays!


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