Tri-River Athletic Conference in Clovis



We would like to welcome the Tri-River Athletic Conference to the Special Olympics Northern California Schools Partnership Program. The Tri-River Athletic Conference embraced Unified Soccer for their inaugural season with 6 schools participating in the unified league. Unified Sports unifies students with and without disabilities. It’s exciting to see unified athletes and unified partners playing together on the same field and fostering whole-school involvement.

The Tri-River Athletic Conference Unified Soccer Showcase was a huge success. The 6 schools that participated in the conference played their hearts out. Unified athletes and unified partners took to the field with their school uniforms, their own logos, and the same fanfare and celebration of any other big school sporting event.

The confidence and skill that this season brought are building blocks for the future. Soccer being such a big sport in Clovis, we are excited to be a part of it. After an extraordinary soccer season, we are all looking forward to the unified basketball league this Spring.

Read what the community of Clovis is saying about this momentous event at


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