Schools Partnership Program Competitions

Welcome to Our Unified Schools — the blog run by Special Olympics Northern California & Nevada Schools Partnership Program!

Schools Partnership Program competitions vary as much as our student-athletes and general education students do. But they all have one thing in common — while it’s a sports competition, it’s more than just sports. It’s about giving the students receiving special education services a chance to shine and to bond with their peers. Host schools take ownership of their competitions and make them unique, fun and impactful.

To illustrate competitions, here are some examples of successful school-day sports competitions!

Parents’ reactions to their son’s involvement in competitions (5/29/2014)

A school principal’s perspective on hosting competitions (5/22/2014)

Los Cerros Middle School basketball competition (5/7/2014)

Liberty High School track meet (5/20/2014)

Fresno Unified Volleyball tournament (4/23/2014)

Students and teachers discuss a basketball competition held in Pleasanton, CA (3/17/2014)

Newark Memorial High School soccer competition (12/19/2014)

San Francisco Unified soccer competition (11/17/2013)

Las Vegas Unified Soccer tournament (11/05/2013)

San Mateo County Young Athletes Day (10/28/2013)

To see even more blog entries and competition recaps, please click here to visit the main page of!



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