Unified Sports

How Do Unified Sports Work? 

  • Students with and without intellectual disabilities are joined on the same sports team
  • People of similar age and sporting ability are grouped into teams, making practices and games more challenging and exciting for all

What Difference Does Unified Sports Make?

  • Promotes social inclusion through shared sports training and competition experiences
  • Builds friendship and understanding between two groups who might not have much positive interaction
  • The common ground of sports is just one more way that preconceptions and false ideas are swept away
  • Fosters mutual respect thanks to the common ground of sports

Where Can I See Examples of Unified Sports in Northern California and Nevada?

Check out the video and some of our blog entries below, where you can see Unified Sports in action!

Sportsmanship, Friendship Take Center Court at Brentwood Unified Basketball Game (6/12/14)

Brentwood, Oakley Schools Start Unified Basketball League (5/6/14)

First-Ever Unified Track Race Highlights Bay Area Games (4/29/14)

Bump, Set, Spike – Fresno Unified Volleyball a Smashing Success! (4/23/14)

What Are Unified Sports? (4/10/14)

Testimonial Tuesday (4/8/14)

Unified Basketball Breaks Down Barriers in Vegas (3/31/14)

We at Special Olympics Northern California are dedicated to expanding our Unified Sports program in Northern California. For more information and how you can get your school/district involved, please contact Schools at SONC.org.



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